quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Cinderela the wrong way round.

Once upon a time, the Fancy dress ball and Cinderela would go to put on a Fancy dress of Princess and her friends would go to put on a Fancy dress of witches and other Princess too.
In the ball, Cinderela danced with one guy dressed up as Prince. This guy lent his coat when she felt cold. But, at midnight he said would take a drink for her and he didn't come back. And the coat stayed with her.
Hopelles, to meet him on the next morning she called a meeting in the public place.
She said if somebody in that the coat suit perfectly called it, would be her husband.
Many candidates showed up, but nobody got perfect in the coat. Cinderela didn't stop her search.
Her friend who was the "witch" in the ball tried to make Cinderela stops. The witch had others plans, sure.
However, Cinderela didn't want to stop. So, the witch confesses she knows who was the Prince of the ball.
Cinderela went to the adress the witch gave to her.
She met the mand who would be the alleged Prince for the witch and the coat got perfect on him. But, despite the guy be handsome, Cinderela wouldn't feel what had felt on that might of the ball when he kissed her. Anyway, she declared she will get marry soon.
But, when she left the castle, struggled to free herself of a man, she fell down on the ground. He helped her, and Cinderela realized he was the Prince of the ball and of her life.
She said  he was the Prince, but he denied and started to run away. Cinderela went together.
He decided to stop running away and said to her he was the Prince.
So, Cinderela said they have to get married. He said no.
Prince: I'm not the right person for you!
Princess: Why?
Prince: Cause I'm not. Just this.
Cinderela got sad and the Prince starts to go.
Princess: I love you! Don't go.
The Prince stopped and came back.
He confessed he has a disease, but Cinderela said it doesn't matter for her and she will stay with him.
So, he asked her to marry him.
Prince: Marry me, Cinderela. You'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know.
~ And they lived happly forever and ever.

Primeiro texto totalmente em inglês que eu escrevi, originalmente escrito em: 22/01/10


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